PS5, Xbox Series X: easier to get 60fps, for the study of Shadow Warrior

Michał Szustak, CEO of Flying Wild Hog, has revealed that under the specifications shown so far it will be “much easier to deliver 60 frames per second” on PS5 and Xbox Series X .

The frame rate is a crucial node especially for Microsoft, with Phil Spencer who underlined how the breakthrough of the 60fps threshold, a bit the Hercules columns of console gaming, is one of the cornerstones of the next generation thanks to the new CPUs.

“For us, as we play action games, we are super happy because it will be much easier to deliver 60 frames per second, of course,” explained Szustak. “I’m an old school gamer so 60fps is important to me.”

“In terms of difficulties with making games, I think the new generation will be much more accessible. So we predict that we will have fewer problems developing games in the next than we have in the current-gen. “

The Shadow Warrior 2 studio has long been in stealth mode, but is ready to return to our radars with two triple-A financed by the new property of Supernova Capital.

Source | WCCFTech

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