PS5, PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan talks about the future

Sony Interactive Entertainment president Jim Ryan talked about his ideas on the PlayStation business and the future of entertainment.

The current-gen platform equipped with DualSense has been out relatively recently, although in recent months it has already been able to pull out its claws.

After all, Sony has recently announced what the new free PlayStation Plus games will be for the month of October.

Not to mention the large number of discounts implemented in these hours, thanks to the new promotion that sees a large number of Hidden Gems offered at very low prices.

Now, as reported by GamesIndustry , Ryan talked about the “ Play at Home ” initiative, mentioning that 60 million copies were downloaded thanks to it .

During the conversation, Ryan mentioned that the pipeline of games coming to PS5 is “just awesome” and that it is “by far the strongest” PlayStation has ever had for a of its consoles.

When you step back, the thing that excites me the most is that gaming is becoming ubiquitous . And this ubiquity increases with every year and every generation of consoles.

You can see, the game is getting closer to an older demographic, it’s attracting a younger demographic.

Gender parity increases with each passing year , the depth of engagement increases and, geographically, there are people in markets with no gaming culture who are starting to be able to access game.

Ryan further added: “I think this phenomenon is exciting in terms of what it means to people who play games, in regards to massive audience expansion” .

Have you read anyway that a few days ago Sony revealed what are the new free PlayStation Plus games for the month of October?

Sony has also released the update 21.02-04.02.00 on PS5, as from now on it is possible to update the next-gen console with the new software update.

Finally, anyone hoping that the PS5 exclusives situation on PC since launch, the former PlayStation boss has some bad news for you.

You will need a PlayStation Plus membership for your multiplayer games on PS4 and PS5: you can top up your subscription conveniently on Amazon.

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