PS4: the 5 unmissable titles for Casey Hudson, the boss of BioWare

PlayStation Blog has asked BioWare general manager Casey Hudson what the five PS4 titles should not be missed for any reason.

Hudson’s answer, with the his Canadian software house is getting ready to launch Anthem, was in some ways singular.

“As a child, and now that I’m in charge of a development study is no different, I always thought that when a game manages to launch a powerful spell on me, all I have to do is understand how it manages, in order to create new ones in turn magical experiences for others “, explained.

Here are the games selected for the occasion:

  1. InsideÂ
    “What struck me most about this title is the way it manages to perfectly weave ingenious game mechanisms and dramatic visual elements, so as to create a stimulating narrative.”
  2. Until Dawn
    “It’s scary, but it’s not overly bloody or manipulative. Furthermore, it builds a completely immersive story, thanks to the compelling vicissitudes of the characters and the constant background tension “.
  3. GTA V
    ” This is the first GTA I have ever completed and I believe the quality and innovations of the narrative offered by the title are extremely underrated. “
  4. Thimbleweed Park
    “This title plays for me on a different kind of magic: nostalgia. As a child, I loved point and click adventures, so I was excited to get closer to a title created by such a legend, Ron Gilbert. “
  5. Unravel Two
    “I played Unravel 2 with my 10 year old son and it was probably the most rewarding co-op gaming experience I’ve ever experienced.”
  6. Hudson has specified that he has chosen both on the basis of his own tastes as a videogamer (although for Until Dawn he added that he is not a lover, usually, of horror), either to a developer’s opinion. p>

    Are you in line with this review? Tell us about your unmissable comments!

    Source: PlayStation Blog

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