PS4 and Xbox One, “considerably lower” sales compared to PS3 and Xbox 360

Nintendo Switch continues to squeeze impressive numbers and once again in January 2020 it has randomly brought the best-selling console title in the United States.

But as if the are PS4 and Xbox One going? Niko Partners analyst Daniel Ahmad spoke about this in a series of tweets on his profile.

Ahmad explained that PS4 and Xbox One had “significantly lower sales in January 2020 than PS3 and Xbox 360 in January 2013.

These two months are particularly important because they are the last January before the launch of the next-gen consoles, at the time PS4 and Xbox One, in fact, and today PS5 and Xbox Series X.

L analyst added that it is true that “next-gen consoles are around the corner but both are dropping steeper than expected” , while Switch sales remain solid.

According to Ahmad, there are several reasons for this drop: the anticipated announcement of the next-gen consoles and with backwards compatibility, the postponement of several highly anticipated titles until 2020, the price of both platforms kept stable in the over the years, and not least the transition to g aming HD on several other devices.

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