Pokemon Sword and Shield will have the auto-save? It seems so

During the last Nintendo Direct, the company revealed new details – and two new monsters – about the expected Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield , coming exclusively on Nintendo Switch on November 15 .

Now, even a very particular detail in the pair of games, which would confirm the presence of auto-save , has not escaped the fans.

In any case, although in some titles it is a rather welcome feature, Pokémon enthusiasts have a little bit of a nose: the automatic saving could in fact interfere with the search for ‘Shiny’ Pokémon, or create complications for regarding the outcome of the clashes (many were used to saving immediately before a crucial duel).

It seems in any case confirmed that Sword and Shield will also have an option for manual saving .

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield are set in Galar , a vast region with a great variety of landscapes: idyllic rural areas, modern cities, vast plains and rocky and snow-capped mountains. Here humans and Pokemon live and work together to develop the region’s industry.

How much do you expect them?

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