Pokemon raise the white flag: horror dominates Italian sales

IIDEA , the industry association of our country, unveiled last week’s sales figures, revealing lavish performances for a new, highly anticipated horror title.

The return of the Capcom horror saga with Resident Evil Village was greeted with a great welcome from gaming enthusiasts in Italy.

The franchise is back to garnering acclaim from fans thanks to its newfound exploratory streak, forgotten since Resident Evil 4 .

This did not mean an abandonment of the darker atmospheres that we witnessed instead in Resident Evil 7 , on the contrary, there were moments of pure terror for gamers.

A mix that evidently made its way into the Italian public, which awarded Resident Evil Village with the top step of the podium in Week 18 2021.

In the week that covers from 3 to 9 May , in fact, the latest iteration of survival horror took home the first place with the PS5 version and the second with that for PS4.

A double by the author that left New Pokémon Snap dry-mouthed, which on the Nintendo Switch however won a third place for big names.

If this is the podium in the overall ranking, clearly there are no changes on that for console exclusives , since all three products on the list are based on PS5, PS4 and Switch.

On PC, Tekken 7 (third) and Little Nightmares (second) lead the way for the domain here also signed Resident Evil Village .

As IIDEA specifies, the ranking refers to combined data, adding retail sales to digital ones. However, in the case of New Pokémon Snap , Nintendo does not provide the digital data.

In short, the Italian public continues to be particularly sensitive to market news, such as when an unsuspected player beat GTA and FIFA .

A confirmed sensitivity also with regard to PS5, whose adoption has evidently been driving the purchase of the software for a few weeks.

The Italy of video games has recently received an important recognition from the government, and this could mean that, one day, in these tops we will also find local products.

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