PlayStation Portal is already making scalpers happy, of course

PlayStation Portal is the gadget with which Sony wants to give a big push to PlayStation’s Christmas and, according to the sales and success of the hardware, it seems that the task has been completely accomplished.\r\nPlayStation Portal has already been sold-out for a a little, so much so that on Amazon you can find just the gadgets and accessories suitable for Sony’s hardware.\r\nBecause with all due respect to those who have something to say about PlayStation’s strange operation, Portal was already sold out in the first hours of announcement through Sony’s direct sales channels.\r\nIt is paradoxical, moreover, that PlayStation Portal was designed in a very lucid way so as not to generate real profits, but which could still arrive given the trend.\r\nHow reports VGC, in fact, the hardware was a huge seller and now, as per tradition, the touts are also arriving.\r\n\r\nScalpers have already started selling PlayStation Portal at inflated prices, as you can verify for yourself by giving take a look at platforms like eBay.\r\nThe device is in fact not even available in the PlayStation Direct store, which is currently warning users to try to return from November 22nd, when stocks could be replenished.\r\nSo , at the moment there are those who are selling PlayStation Portal even at double the price and, given the initial demand there was, it is likely that they will also be able to easily sell it.\r\nWe remind you that the official price of the hardware is €219.99, while the release was set for November 15th. At this point we will see if Sony will be able to replenish stocks, avoiding the flashback to the early days of the PS5 post-launch.\r\nPlayStation Portal will certainly be a great success even during the holidays and, although there is no competition for Sony, it could wink at those looking for an alternative to Nintendo Switch, despite not being a portable console in the strict sense.

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