PlayStation Plus has “a problem” with upgrades from PS4 and PS5

A new article highlights the difficulties of PlayStation Plus in managing the generational leap of PS4 to PS5 games.

The subscription service has just renewed its offer of included games at no additional cost, but lately it has run into more than one misstep from this point of view.

In particular, it was Greedfall – whose PS5 upgrade was barred to owners of the PS Plus version – that sparked the controversy again.

Such a case had already occurred with Final Fantasy VII Remake , which gives an idea of ​​how this is a trend and not something isolated.

On GamesIndustry , this is precisely what is emphasized, namely that «adopting the same Greedfall strategy makes this terribly a trend».

This bad thing «is indicative of what is easily, ungenerously, characterized as Sony’s ongoing problem with software management covering this generational transition ».

In a broader sense, this issue also affects “the way PlayStation Plus is being delivered”.

“PS Plus games, paid for through monthly consumer subscriptions, are less important, second-class citizens, compared to purchased games “.

This “is potentially a huge problem for the company,” adds the opinion expressed by Rob Fahey.

«The question of how Sony will respond to the value challenge posed by Microsoft’s Game Pass is increasingly central in this entire generation of consoles.

“Letting third parties devalue PS Plus editions of games in the eyes of consumers” is not a big starting move in their response. “

It should be noted that a similar case to that of Greedfall , but on the contrary – with only the PS5 version offered to subscribers – it had already happened in April.

In the new round of PlayStation Plus “free” titles for July, however, such sensitive topics have been cleverly avoided.

Same thing goes for the bonuses provided to subscribers every month, with free packages for the best service games.

If you want to retrieve a physical copy valid for the upgrade to PS5, Greedfall is now available at a great price on Amazon

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