PlayStation 5, safe analyst: first-party developers already have the devkit

Now we hear more and more of PlayStation 5 , the future new Sony console that has not yet been announced, but we know that it will be the mouth of the same Japanese company. In recent hours, market analyst Daniel Ahmed has exposed himself, saying that Sony’s first-party studies are already in possession of the devkit of the next console , which are already working.

Recall that the devkit is a special version of the console, designed specifically for developers and generally more lending than those put on the market, which allows you to work on video games specifically realized.

Ahmad’s words on PS5

According to the analyst, in particular:

Although 2019 is the year in which Sony has decided to jump to the ‘equal to the E3, in short, do not expect an announcement around the corner for PS5, which could be unveiled only in many months or, who knows, even just next year.

Everyone is already focused on PlayStation 5

Rumors could come for the analyst, during the GDC (from 18 to 22 March), but no voice offi cial, just “whisper”. Moreover, confirms Ahmed, Sony is in no hurry to curb the positive trend of PS4, which will have a very strong 2019:

Attention to the exclusive, however, because there are some not announced that Sony would be considering make cross-gen :

Let’s get comfortable waiting for news, so why apparently Sony’s best-known teams are down looking at PS5.

Sources: ResetEra, ResetEra

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