Paper Mario: The Origami King returns in an amazing 20-minute video

> Nintendo is going to let us play Paper Mario: The Origami King , next episode of the RPG series expected on Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite next July 17, 2020 . Now, on the occasion of the Treehouse announced yesterday, the Grande N has shown 20 minutes of gameplay taken from game in motion, thanks to which we can get a really clear idea of ​​what awaits us in this promising new chapter of the Paper Mario series.

Find the (long) movie as usual, in the player below:

In our preview, in waiting for the now immine nte review, we explained to you that “the combat system is, so far, the element of production that has galvanized us more and, obviously referring to the certainty of the final opinion on the work, we venture to say that it can perhaps represent the proverbial ticket price. »

The plot promises to be as simple as it is fun: King Olly, self-proclaimed sovereign of the origami kingdom, has devised a plan to bend the world to the his will by wrapping the castle of Princess Peach in colored ribbons, transporting it to a distant mountain. Even Bowser’s henchmen have been turned into origami soldiers, useful for the king’s evil purposes. Only Mario’s intervention will prevent the situation from getting worse than expected.

Mario will therefore have new tools such as Arti magni available, which will allow him to interact with the environment, raise elements to reveal new places and solve puzzles or find hidden surprises that are really hard to find. In short, a decidedly original adventure and very different from what is seen in the more classic Super Mario Odyssey .

But not only: a new combat system mint based on a ring platform will allow us to align the enemies on this ring, multiplying the amount of damage. There will also be minigames and mysteries to be discovered as you progress through the history as per the franchise’s tradition.

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