Palworld, cheaters are rampant and external solutions are arriving

Pocketpair is still battling the cheaters that have been rampaging within Palworld, and solutions are coming from the cavalry, so to speak.\r\nThe video game clone of that other video game with collectible monsters (which you can find on Amazon) it’s the most talked about thing in the games industry in 2024, because it’s been a while since we’ve seen such a disruptive video game.\r\nTo the point that, among many things, Palworld has been invaded by cheaters and has already been weeks that Pocketpair has had to fight with these players who don’t want to spend the right amount of time to farm resources and capture Pals.\r\nAnd now, as reported by PC Games N, the development team may have found a solution.\n r\nCheaters and hackers are preventing some players from accessing official servers, and developer Pocketpair says it is stepping up its countermeasures against such troublemakers, which will now include a \

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