Nintendo Switch Lite: the Digital Foundry verdict

Nintendo Switch Lite has been available for almost a week now, and the time has come to really take stock of this new version of the console (no longer just) hybrid.

To give us his opinion today is Digital Foundry, the tech label that made an extensive and detailed video to talk about the features of the platform.

We are facing a console that sacrifices something on the altar of ease of use, with a mix that, according to DF, makes it a device that “provides a brilliant portable gaming”.

Find the full video review in the clip below: enjoy!

As for us, on the pages of Gameshift we have a long analysis of Nintendo Switch Lite published the day before the release thanks to an event in which we are participating in preview.

Our Matteo Bussani has scoured this version of the Grande N hardware, telling us that it is an extremely well-made console, perfect for the On the road user, who has no intention of playing in the company “.

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