New Resident Evil arriving in early 2021, for an insider

A new chapter of Resident Evil would arrive “in the next 366 days”, according to the insider Aesthetic Gamer, also known as Dusk Golem.

The Twitter user is well known in the series community, in particular for anticipating the contents of the Resident Evil 7 DLC and the Resident Evil 2 remake.

According to reports, Resident Evil 3 would not be the only game of the franchise in the pipeline currently, which would confirm the trend that Capcom would like to make the survival horror saga annual.

“There will be another Resident Evil game coming out within the next 366 days other than Resident Evil 3 ,” explained the insider.

However, he has no intention of “discussing it in more detail until RE3 is released”, evidently so as not to spoil the surprise to the fans or to run into legal problems with Capcom.

In the running and as the most eligible there would be Resident Evil 8 , which has been talked about for a long time and which could actually arrive after the two remakes published in 2019 and 2020, while Code Veronica – the other classic along with RE0 still to go through the remake operation – would have been excluded.

“A remake of Code Veronica is not in any form of production at the moment, sorry to say,” added Aesthetic Gamer.

Resident Evil 4 , due to its already ‘modern’ third-person gameplay compared to the first trilogy, would be more complicated.

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