Miyamoto: Nintendo has surpassed the company image “for children”

During an interview granted to the pages of the Japanese magazine Famitsu , the legendary Shigeru Miyamoto did not speak only of the vocation that must animate the videogame authors: he also discussed the image of Nintendo , which he said has long since gone beyond that label of infantile< that accompanied it. A new expression that best represents it? “Peace of mind” . Or “relaxing” if you prefer.

According to Miyamoto-san:

If I had to express Nintendo’s qualities in words, I would say ‘peace of mind’. It’s peace of mind, you feel, when you look at all of this as a parent and you know you can have [a Nintendo console] in the living room. We work very hard to create something that can be at the center of fun for the whole family .

For this reason, according to Miyamoto, the big N no longer has the label of a company that only makes products for very young people:

Once upon a time Nintendo was called ‘childish, for children’, but after our continuous work on our priorities, efforts began to surface and in the Wii era we began to convey the idea of ‘peace of mind’.

Are you also among those who, when they have to have fun in the company of their family, actually opt for Nintendo products?

Source: Famitsu | VIA: Siliconera

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