Magic: The Gathering, the 2020 program for competitive activity

Wizards of the Coast has published the 2020 program for the future of competitive activity in the table and digital formats of Magic: The Gathering .

2019 was an important year for Magic as an e-sport, thanks to Wizards of the Coast’s creation of a new level of gaming activity and professional support in the form of Magic Pro League and doubling of the Magic jackpot, one of the leading games in the world.

Besides all this, new ways of playing and being spectators of the best strategy game on the planet with Magic: The Gathering Arena , which has achieved exceptional results, have been made available. >

The number of players today is the highest in history and viewers of the dedicated channels on Twitch and YouTube have more than doubled in the last twelve months. Enthusiasts have never had so many opportunities to play, qualify and watch Magic as in the last 12 months.

The 2020 program will offer even more ways to qualify for large events, more entertainment initiatives and a well-defined path to becoming a Pro player. The overall goal is to allow the best players to climb to the top and show what they are capable of, regardless of how they decide to play. The announcement, which includes the full list of events and tournaments, is available here.

Wizards of the Coast has treasured the experience of the 2019 racing season and is evolving its e-sport program adapting it to the special position of the game with inclusive high-level competitive gaming initiatives, from the ground up to the professional level.

In 2020, the agonistic circuit in tabletop format will be reconfigured to offer new opportunities for players who wish to grow to the highest levels. There will be new ways to qualify for high-level tournaments, in many more events around the world.

As for the digital format, our focus is on more spectacular and entertaining initiatives, thanks to the accessibility of Arena, the best way to watch Magic and more gambling activities high level. Wizards of the Coast aims to create even more fabulous entertainment experiences thanks to the events on Arena.

Overall, our company has redoubled its efforts and created more opportunities for more players from multiple regions and multiple environments to qualify and challenge opponents on Magic’s most renowned stages.

Soon you will receive more details on the formats, dates and coverage of these competitive events. The information will be published sufficiently in advance to allow players to understand what they need to do to qualify for each event.

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