Mable and the Wood will arrive on August 23rd on PC, later also on Xbox One and Switch

The publisher Graffiti Games and the developer Triplevision Games have announced that Mable and the Wood will be launched for Windows PC , macOS and Linux the next August 23 at the price of 14.99 dollars, while “shortly after” will also be distributed for Microsoft Xbox One and Nintendo Switch .

For the occasion a new trailer was released that you can see as usual in the player below.

Here is a brief description of the game:

“Mable and The Wood” is a metroidvania in which you can take the form of the bosses you kill, thus changing your way of exploring an interconnected world. But it is also a metroidvania in which one is not forced to kill anyone.

The strange sect that has resurrected you speaks of an ancient prophecy, according to which you will kill the great beasts, take on their form and use their powers to save this declining world. What if they’re wrong? The prophecy is ancient, and over time words lose their meaning …

What would you do if the world around you fell apart? In “Mable and The Wood”, the choice is yours. You don’t have to kill everyone, but you have the freedom to do it.

Will you drive out the darkness, or will you become part of it?

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