LEGO Fortnite announces other worlds in Epic Games’ “game within a game”.

LEGO Fortnite is an experience destined to be increasingly massive in the already massive Epic Games battle royale ecosystem, because LEGO has launched other experiences within the free title present within Fortnite.\r\nIf you missed a bit into this reasoning, let’s make a quick summary. LEGO Fortnite was launched at the end of last year, creating an autonomous and free survival experience within the original Fortnite client.\r\nIt is therefore not an average commercial operation or a set sponsorship of bricks (which you can find on Amazon) but of a real video game.\r\nPrecisely it is a video game within the video game, which reworks the gameplay loop of Fortnite combined with the timeless aesthetics of LEGO and gameplay dynamics slightly different.\r\nThe experience must have worked because, from today, LEGO Fortnite will have two new islands designed especially for players of all ages.\r\nLEGO Raft Survival and LEGO Obby Fun are the first of a new series of gaming experiences dubbed LEGO Islands, available now.\r\nLEGO Raft Survival combines multiplayer mode with the classic LEGO Pirates theme, as the infamous Blackbeard challenges players and their friends to stay afloat on a raft in hostile waters . Players must survive on their raft targeted by cannonballs fired from the Barracuda ship, collecting wood and treasure as resources and building other rafts.\r\nLEGO Obby Fun is the first official LEGO-themed obstacle course in Fortnite, offering a approach \

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