Kunitsu-Gami: Path of the Goddess will be available on Game Pass from day one: let’s find out

Video games can have the power to draw you into atmospheres with great folkloristic charm and, considering what we saw a few days ago for Kunitsu-Gami: Path of the Goddess, it seems that we will soon have a new exponent of this category.\r\nThe game strategic action by Capcom, which received ample space during the Xbox Partner Preview, is set in a universe openly inspired by Japanese folklore and will arrive during 2024, debuting directly on Game Pass from day-one.\r\nBut what are the its key features? Through a post on Xbox Wire, we see the most interesting details revealed directly by director Shuichi Kawata.\r\nSaving Mount Kafuku\r\nThe events of the game take hold when a mysterious evil takes over Mount Kafuku, causing the theft of the twelve o’clock masks kept in it – and which bring with them divine powers.\r\nFor this reason we will take on the role of Soh who, together with Yoshiro, will have to try to cleanse the villages from evil, recovering the masks and exploiting their powers to bring back the Mount Kafuku to its former glory.\r\n\r\nEach mask will have a different divine power, explain the authors, and they will all be of fundamental importance to protect Yoshiro.\r\nMoreover, we will be able to collaborate with the inhabitants of the rescued villages to approach our tasks and corner evil.\r\nHow the gameplay of Kunitsu-Gami will work\r\nThe gameplay mechanics of Kunitsu-Gami: Path of the Goddess want to mix the third-person combat, which will have their heart of the “dancing swords”, to a strategic soul that will allow us to choose which of the villagers will be able to help us cleanse them of evil.\r\nThe game will thus be divided into two phases: during the game we have the preparatory one, in which we will have to prepare for the battle that will face us during the night. \r\nDuring the day we will be able to explore the journey, clean up the areas afflicted by evil and save the villagers to decide to have them join our fight. It will also be possible to repair structures to hinder the enemies who arrive during the night.\r\n\r\nWe will also have to decide what power the villagers who join us will be able to show off, depending on the masks we will have available: some , for example, will be able to fight at short range, others will be able to heal us during night battles. We will also decide where to place them, considering that the characteristics of the terrain can also make the difference.\r\nSince there are Torii gates in all the villages: our aim will be to ensure that Yoshiro, the divine Virgin, arrives healthy and save until the last gate, while the enemies will try to storm it and we (and whoever we have brought with us) will be called to protect it.\r\nOnce the night arrives, the gameplay switches to action mechanics and from strategic to real time, in which we will have to protect Yoshiro and command the members of the village who are alongside us. And, as mentioned, we will have to clear our sword.\r\nThe enemies generated by evil (which will be called The Seethe) will take on different forms, with different attacks and abilities to face. Here too, the Japanese tradition from which it draws is evident, because the opponents are inspired by different yokai from the Japanese tradition – be they demons, shapeshifters, ghosts or monstrosities.\r\nWhen Kunitsu-Kami comes out\r\n « Four years after the release of Shinksekai: Into the Depths” commented Shuichi Kawata, director of Kunitsu-Gami: Path of the Goddess,  “we are ready to open a new chapter that players from all over the world can enjoy”.\r \n\r\n«This game offers a very distinctive mix of action and strategy and takes deep inspiration from various elements of Japanese culture. With all this, we are excited (and maybe a little nervous… but in a good way!) about the idea of ​​everyone being able to enjoy the game.\r\nWe are currently in the final stages of development» added the director, and the window launch doesn’t lie.\r\nDuring the Xbox Partner Preview it was also confirmed that the release is expected this year and the game will debut directly on Game Pass (if interested, you can subscribe on Instant Gaming).\r\nBesides which on Xbox Series

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