Kingdom Hearts could be at Summer Game Fest 2024

The Kingdom Hearts franchise has been silent for a long time and, after the recent arrival on Steam, some news could arrive on the Square Enix franchise, perhaps at Summer Game Fest 2024.\r\nAfter a long period of silence, the news on Kingdom Hearts have emerged at a rapid pace in recent weeks. Among these, for example, the fact that the saga has arrived completely on Steam after a long period, with a surprise package launched and will be published on the platform shortly.\r\nOf course, there is still a video game from the series missing within the package, which mysteriously disappeared without Square Enix having had the chance to explain its fate, but at least it’s a way to get back to talking about Kingdom Hearts.\r\nAnd we could do it again, it seems, because as reported by The Gamer there’s a mention of news coming.\r\nThe official Kingdom Hearts website says that more information about the series is coming, but doesn’t specify what we’re about to know about the series specifically. Precisely, the site says: «Stay tuned for further information on Kingdom Hearts coming soon.»\r\nIt must be said that the series package will arrive on Steam on June 13th and Square Enix could talk about this, but considering that the announcement has already been made, it is unlikely that the news is specifically for the package of Kingdom Hearts (which you can find on Amazon, by the way).\r\nUnless there is news for Melody of Memories, the aforementioned episode of the series which was not included in the Steam collection.\r\nAnother probability is that Square Enix could show Kingdom Hearts 4 again after the very long silence in which the project fell. Furthermore, it seems that it could be a Nintendo Switch 2 game, awaiting confirmation from the company.\r\nWe will see if Kingdom Hearts will actually return to the Summer Game Fest 2024: here you will find all the appointments and dates.

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