katana ZERO

Katana Zero was one of the most surprising titles of this early 2019 and despite being particularly short it has no intention of stepping aside too soon.

Askiisoft has indeed announced that by the end of May it will publish a “significant update” for the popular indie of the Devolver Digital team.

The update will introduce a fix for an optional stealth level but above all two new modes.

Hard mode will introduce new enemies and a remix for levels and bosses, while the speed run mode will have, among other things, the possibility of skipping the intermission scenes and having stable enemy behavior.

Particular not to be forgotten is the possibility, added with this update, to pet the cats inside the game. We really don’t know why it wasn’t introduced to day oneâ € ¦

If you want to learn more about the game, take a look at our review of Katana Zero.

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