In the United Kingdom comes the campaign that helps parents with children videogamers

It is always good that parents stay close to their children’s passion for video games , who need their protection for the possible risks to which excess – and online features – could expose them. We know that there are numerous parental control measures that allow you to orient yourself to better manage the relationship of children with video games, but we also know that many parents do not know it. This is demonstrated by the new campaign launched by the United Kingdom, PLAY , which reported that only 20% use these measures to regulate the playing habits of their children.

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This is how the campaign, which already has an official website with the testimonial of the player Rio Ferdinand, focuses on these keywords:

  • P – Play (play) with your children. Understand what they’re playing.
  • L – Learn how parental control works. Visit our website for all the step-by-step guides.
  • A – Ask (ask) what your children are playing.
  • Y – You are the one who has to decide. Set rules that are good for your family.

The intent of the campaign is to make sure that video games can be a healthy habit and not lead to excess by minors – which is why it is important for parents to stay close to them, trying to prevent the videogame from actually raising and caring for their children.

«My son loves playing video games, but in when his father is important to me, having the ability to manage the amount of time he spends playing with it, “ explained Ferdinand. «Family control settings can help you find the right balance at home between the time you spend in front of the screen and other activities. They are easy-to-use controls and save a lot of bickering in the long run. »

If you are a parent and are curious to discover the British countryside, you can refer to the website at the link.

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