In 2019, more than 8,000 video games were released on Steam

Also in 2019, Steam has continued to significantly enrich its video game library. According to the data collected by SteamSpy , in fact, the digital catalog managed by Valve saw the debut of over 8,000 new titles , which based on these statistics presented themselves with a average price of $ 4.79. By 2018, the average price of the games that had debuted was $ 4.99 instead, so there was a very slight drop.

The average time spent by players in their new purchases was 13.29 hours. Furthermore, we learn that the total number of games available on the catalog is now equal to 34,039 titles – last year (2018 in reality, but pass us to still use “last year” out of turn, when it is only January 2, 2020, ed !) it came to 27,397.

Source: PC Games Insider

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