Immortals of Aveum was “a horrible idea” even for the developers

Maybe you forgot that in record-breaking 2023, Immortals of Aveum was also released. We don’t blame you, in this case, because the Electronic Arts title was a real flop without half measures.\r\nLaunched as a triple-A single player shooter, moreover at full price on all platforms (such as Amazon), Immortals of Aveum has not made inroads into the market in any way.\r\nIn September last year, the CEO of developer Ascendant, Bret Robbins, announced that he had laid off 45% of the team. A decision described as «painfully difficult, but necessary, which was not taken lightly», which is now deepened in a certain sense by a statement from a former developer.\r\nAs reported by VGC, in fact, a former employee of Ascendant did not use flattering words to describe the investment made in the production of Immortals of Aveum.\r\nThe video game in fact cost a total of $125 million, a budget too high for it to generate a final net profit, especially for being a AAA single-player.\r\nThe former developer interviewed, who chose to remain anonymous, elaborated on the issue, explaining that the development cost approximately $85 million, with a budget of $40 million used by Electronic Arts for the marketing campaign.\r\n«Of course, there were some serious talents in the development team», says the developer, elaborating:\r\n\r\n«Trying to make a triple-A single-player shooter in the market today was a truly horrible idea, especially since it was a new IP that also tried to take advantage of Unreal Engine 5. What ultimately launched was a bloated and repetitive campaign that was far too long.»\ r\n\r\nTo this statement is added that of another developer still working within Ascendant Studios, who complained about how the video game has not been successful despite offering everything that gamers want. «It’s not a sequel or a remake, it doesn’t take 400 hours to complete, it has no microtransactions, no useless open world mechanics», explained the developer.\r\nAfter all, however, Immortals of Aveum wasn’t even the most disastrous video game of 2023, as we explained to you in our review, but it simply didn’t work.

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