How have video games improved your mental health? The answers of the players

We often hear of the accusations made against video games that, according to some, push the fingers of murderers on triggers that have nothing virtual. We have talked about it, sadly, sadly recently, when President Donald Trump again pointed the finger at this interactive means of communication, following the umpteenth armed massacres that shook the United States of America.

Thus, while scientific studies have always rejected suspects such as those of the White House tenant, author and developer Emily Grace Buck , formerly Telltale Games and working today on Waylander , he simply asked gamers: “Tell me about a gaming experience that you think has had a positive impact on your mental health.”

The answers that have come from all over the world tell us many stories of people who have found a precious ally in videogame entertainment – obviously, used in moderation and not in place of therapies, where they are needed.

Shinobi602, a famous insider and industry expert, says that to help him was “playing Shenmue on my Dreamcast when my parents were facing a messy divorce. It was really difficult for a preadolescent. I loved getting lost in the world of Shenmue for the first time, it took my head elsewhere. I think that’s why I jealously guard the memory of this game. “

Another player tells: “Stardew Valley gave me the feeling of really earning things while I was working in a place where I had started over again ‘. It was a feeling I desperately needed, while in real life I was stuck in front of my failures.

The memories and stories of the players continue. One says that “Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture helped me overcome the loss of a loved one. Another, instead, tells “finishing Kingdom Hearts II after the worst year of my life made me regain hope and happiness, a homecoming”. And again: « playing Life is Strange: Before the Storm I realized that the problems of the main character were so similar to those of a dear friend of mine. This helped me to understand his mental state and to help him in reality. »

Another player reveals “playing Undertale during one of the worst times of my depression made me feel like I had unlocked my feelings. I still have a long way to go, but at least it has unlocked something. “ And again: ” What Remains of Edith Finch . It was easy to see each other again in the Lewis story. I liked him, I liked retiring to a fantasy world because real life had become too hard to bear. Seeing Lewis allowed me to understand how far I had done, compared to then. I also got a tattoo of the game’s logo, to remind myself never to come back. »

Another player, again: “playing Firewatch after a bad sentimental goodbye. I remember seeing the sun rise in that incredible scenery made me feel really happy, for the first time in many months. It was wonderful. “

Another testimony tells: “was Gris . It is a game in which you play to all effects between the phases of pain, and it is wonderfully done. It reminded me of my difficulties in dealing with pain. And the ending is so beautiful that it moved me. “

And again: “When I was fifteen, in January 2015, I had been mutilated by anxiety, the point that I refused to go to school, I was always alone and a victim of bullies. Playing Person 4 Golden made me feel like I had a real group of friends. He trusted me, encouraged me to meet other people, make friends, and I did it. “

As you can imagine, the comments are really a lot and you can read them in the thread and profile of Emily Grace Buck. We therefore want to ask you our question: has it ever happened that video games have helped you overcome difficult moments in your life? Tell us in the comments, if you like.

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