Hotel Barcelona is the new horror game of Suda 51 and Swery 65

It seems that Suda 51 has found the next project to work on. The famous Goichi Suda, in the company of Hidetaka “Swery 65” Suehiro, is in fact working on a new horror video game, which has decided to rename, on the spot, Hotel Barcelona – because he would like it to be set in Barcelona, ​​even if it hasn’t actually made a final decision yet.

In the course of a (funny) livestream, the two authors said they had already discussed the idea of ​​making a video game together in 2018 – only to forget all that had come from brainstorming after getting drunk. However, in the end the collaboration will take place and will lead to the birth of a horror that will be published by Devolver Digital , with a budget of around $ 1 million.

Indeed, the name Hotel Barcelona was decided just before the streaming , to give a good idea of ​​the fact that everything could still change, in the near future – and that, explains Suda 51, maybe the game could be set in Tokyo, in Venezuela or South Africa. Whatever the case, the reference model to be taken by the two authors is that of Siren , a horror series that the younger gamers of you will surely remember.

According to the authors, “every room in Hotel Barcelona will represent a different person, or a different dimension, or a different point of view on what is going on in a given period of time.” If the idea sounds interesting to you, know that during the live stream Suda 51 also sent a message to Keiichiro Toyama , author of Siren , asking him if he would be interested in participating to Hotel Barcelona : before the end of the live broadcast, the latter had replied in the affirmative!

The approach we want to look for is that of an indie, maybe a side-scroller, and it cannot be excluded that it has splatter shades. The two authors have also thought of an evil character to control , which will force the player to do things he would not like to do. However, we will know more about it next week, when there will be a dedicated event where we will find out about the game design concept – and in which Suda 51 will also present the project logo.

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