Hideo Kojima has “the skill of great directors” for George Miller

IGN US has collected some statements by the great filmmaker George Miller, heart and mind behind the Mad Max series, about Death Stranding .

According to Miller, the game conveys a feeling of “skill” that generally comes to him from “great directors” , “to serve to give an audience an intense experience”.

The father of Mad Max, who in the past also collaborated with Cory Barlog before his adventure on God of War, goes beyond the medium and pays attention to the content.

“The ability I see in the great directors, now I see it in Kojima-san’s work … it’s all there, all in the service of giving to an audience an intense experience “, explained Miller.

By clicking on the player included in the tweet you can listen to other statements by the director, including a” wow … it’s extraordinary “expressed at the end of a trailer for Death Stranding.

The PS4 exclusive is coming out on November 8th, and a seventh na before the day one you will find our review on Gameshift.

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