Helldivers 2 updates: new weapons and equipment arrive before the mechs

Helldivers 2 is updated as promised and, before the mechs, new weapons and equipment will arrive for the soldiers of Super Earth which will be available from March 14th.\r\nThe success of the shooter is such that the developers immediately had to work first to fix the problems of the game, but also to improve the subsequent contents to do justice to the trust given by the players.\r\nAs announced by the PlayStation Blog, in fact, Helldivers 2 is preparing to launch the Vanguard War Title, with which players will be capable of unlocking new weapons and new equipment to face galactic threats.\r\n”The brains of Super Earth’s Research and Development department have some interesting experimental armor ready to be tested in the field”, says the development team in introduce the narrative pretext that the Dungeon Master of Helldivers 2 has built to insert this content.\r\n\r\nThere will be six new weapons available, with various effects that until now had not been inserted into the guns already present within Helldivers 2.\r\nIn addition to the electrical effects on rifles of various types and pistols, there will be a special laser pistol that can be equipped as a secondary weapon, for a versatile type of damage to be used in the most desperate occasions.\ r\nThe inclusion of stun weapons is also interesting, which will give players new strategic possibilities, especially useful at higher difficulty levels.\r\nThis new war title is premium, so it can only be unlocked with super-credits ( i.e. the premium currency of the game), which however can also be collected just by playing with a little patience.\r\nBefore the playable mechs, therefore, Helldivers 2 will give you the opportunity to get your hands on other weapons capable of carrying forward democratic galactic operations.\r\nIf you want to join the democratic forces of Super Earth, know that you can find Helldivers 2 at the best price on Amazon in all its versions.

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