Helldivers 2 still in trouble: it has disappeared from other countries

The PSN case caused the removal of Helldivers 2 in over 100 countries, but apparently the list of countries in which the game is not available has grown even longer.\r\nDue to this obligation which was later revoked, the game (which you can find on Amazon) would in fact have become literally unplayable for many users. \r\nThe CEO and creative director Johan Pilestedt clarified that the situation would have been resolved, but apparently this is not the case.\r\nAs also reported by GamesRadar, in fact, Helldivers 2 continues to be removed from sale on Steam countries, even after Sony Interactive Entertainment eliminated its controversial PSN requirement. \r\nHelldivers 2 has in fact been withdrawn in three other countries without PSN coverage – Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania – as reported on the Steam Database.\r\nIt is unclear whether owners of Helldivers 2 in these countries can still play the title .\r\n\n\t Sony is still locking out different from around the world. And Helldivers CEO’s reply to 3 more countries being region-locked.#Helldivers2 pic.twitter.com/9xCOuFu27m— Helldivers 2 Media (@Helldiversmedia) May 10, 2024\n\n\n \n\r\nThe news appears to have been a surprise also for the developers of the game themselves, namely Arrowhead Studios. “We have no idea what’s going on,” Pilestedt said in response to a player on the game’s Discord channel.\r\n”Most of the developers are on vacation and we just found out through the community. We want the game to be available all over the world”, added the CEO, who according to him was deeply concerned by the matter.\r\nHelldivers 2 has not been restored even in the approximately 170 territories that were excluded from the purchase of the game in recent days. \r\nWe’ll see what happens in the next few hours, hoping that this doesn’t lead to a second wave of review bombing (which we don’t hope for, obviously).\r\nIn fact, in the last few days the developers have certainly felt relieved in seeing that the wave of negative reviews is now a distant memory: now the latest reviews are only positive.

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