Helldivers 2 says no to PvP multiplayer: «We don’t want toxicity»

Helldivers 2 was another huge surprise that emerged in these early months of 2024: the shooter published by PlayStation Studios won over the public, exceeding all the developers’ wildest expectations.\r\nA service game available from day-one on PC and PS5 (you can find the console version on Amazon), but which unlike many other games on the market requires its users to collaborate – and not compete – to defeat increasingly aggressive waves of alien insects.\r\nAfter the great success achieved Since the second Helldivers and the subsequent promise of new content from the development team, some users have wondered if this could also mean the addition of competitive multiplayer modes, more in line with other more well-known shooters.\r\nA a hypothesis which, unfortunately for those who hoped for it, was promptly denied by the CEO of Arrowhead, with a very curious explanation: the development team chose not to implement PvP not because they couldn’t do it or so as not to distort the game… but to limit the toxicity of online communities.\r\n\r\nAccording to the CEO and Creative Director of Helldivers 2, adding a PvP mode always involves a certain element of inevitable toxicity on the part of some problem players, but the goal of The latest PlayStation exclusive is to create a close-knit environment where players must collaborate with each other, not be enemies or attack each other.\r\nIn response to those who have tried to accuse them of being \

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