Halo TV series, the sex scenes are “a mistake” even for Master Chief

The Halo TV series produced by Paramount took many liberties with regards to the representation of Master Chief and his world, including wanting to give a decidedly human side to John-117. Definitely more human.\r\nIn addition to having removed the helmet (this one, to be precise) from the iconic character, Master Chief has indulged in other activities that we have never seen in the Xbox saga, nor would they have been remotely in the plans .\r\nPablo Schreier, the actor who plays Master Chief, has already explained why it is so important that the Spartan is often without a helmet during the series, and he did so in a recent interview.\r\nBut why does Master Chief have to be without clothes?\r\nThe actor spoke about it once again to Gamesradar, explaining how he too found it not very useful in the general economy of the series.\r\nIn the series, in fact, Master Chief has a very intense relationship with the character of Makee, who shows off in a passionate sex scene.\r\nThe reactions to the scene were obviously of various types, from those who appreciated it (in various ways) to those who found it instead out of place for what the character of Master Chief has always been.\r\nThe sequence did not leave indifferent even Schreier who, on the contrary, fought for it not to be filmed:\r\n\r\n«The decision to make Makee and John making a romantic connection was a big mistake. At the time I felt it was a huge mistake and I stood up and fought against it. But I am what I am. I don’t write screenplays. I’m just giving my opinion. It hasn’t been listened to.”\r\n\r\nIn short, if you too are against the fact that the Master Chief goes into battle even under the covers, his interpreter is on your side.\r\nWho knows, the second season will not may return to the ranks a bit, so to speak, as it will also adapt the tragic story of the fall of Reach.

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