GTA 6 should include a real prison system

The first trailer for GTA 6 was just a small appetizer of what Jason and Lucia’s adventure will contain.\r\nThe sequel to GTA V (which you can find on Amazon) will in fact see a new pair of protagonists, who have already entered the collective imagination.\r\nGTA 6 should be released in 2025 on Xbox Series include a real prison system.\r\nFrom what we have seen, Lucia ends up behind bars in the GTA 6 trailer, and fans have speculated that the game should offer some gameplay in prison.\r\nMany have gathered on Reddit to further reflect on this topic and one user sparked the discussion by suggesting that GTA 6 should include a prison system used within the online component of the game.\r\nUsers could in fact be sent to prison along with other players, who necessarily have to escape or pay very high bails to be able to go out into the open. \r\nThis is a great idea that could add another layer to the online play previously seen in GTA V.\r\n«I think a prison system similar to the one in Star Citizen would be fantastic. The possibility of breaking out and doing a mission to remove the bounty by hacking the police system or something,” speculates one fan.\r\nHowever, some users think that the system might become boring after being thrown into prison several times. \r\nTo make this work, players should encounter these situations infrequently and be given a variety of different challenges to get out of prison.\r\nThe concern among fans is that GTA 6 could end up being more like a simulation than the usual action title we are all used to.\r\nHowever, almost everyone agrees that seeing Lucia in prison, perhaps at the beginning of the game, would be an excellent choice. Seeing her last day behind bars before being released to Vice City would kick off her journey in a brilliant way.\r\nWhile waiting to find out more, someone has also discovered a really interesting clue in the key art of the title, which would refer to the second trailer.\r\nBut that’s not all: a handful of other fans are convinced they have discovered the release date of GTA 6, after spotting a hidden message in the first trailer. \r\nFinally, did you read that the identity of the actress who will give Lucia’s voice and appearance would be made known?

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