Gran Turismo 7 for PS5: ray tracing and details in the video comparison with GT Sport

> Gran Turismo 7 was one of the most pleasant surprises of the PS5 presentation event last week, being announced a few years by the direct predecessor. The title will include some novelty in terms of gameplay but it is on the graphics sector, driven by the power of PS5 , that the attention of the fans is focusing right now.

Gran Turismo Sport has been much discussed, especially at the original release, due to an incompleteness in terms of content but also due to the suboptimal performance compared to the competition of Forza and partners.

From the presentation trailer of Gran Turismo 7.

In this generation, however, Polyphony Digital seems to be doing things well and wanting bet on all the ult the newfound technology to have a game that lives up to expectations from a graphic point of view.

The first video comparison made by the YouTube channel Cycu1 seems to confirm this perspective, giving back the idea of ​​an important upgrade compared to Gran Turismo Sport.

The video focuses on the two models presented so far, namely the two super cars Aston Martin DB11 and Mazda RX-Vision GT 3 Concept , and compares the fidelity between PS5 and PS4.

As we can see in the clip, it is clear that ray tracing constitutes the most marked difference, with more realistic reflections of light on the bodywork of the cars .

Looking more carefully you will also see small details that have been added to the two cars thanks to the greater computing power of PlayStation 5.

In the actual gameplay, we can see the level superior detail of the internal view , now rendered with a more credible dashboard and many more details on the steering.

Gran Turismo 7 does not yet have a release date but you can find out about it more on the gameplay news by taking a look at our news on the announcement.

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