Google Stadia presents the new exclusive Spitlings

Google Stadia has a new exclusive from today: Spitlings.

The game is an indie production focused on local couch gaming for up to four users, in which we will have to compete against the other players to eliminate the greatest number of monsters.

It will not only be a simple competition, however, since it will also be necessary to cooperate with others to reach the end of the game: if a player dies in fact, the session ends for everyone.

Spitlings will have both a story and an arcade mode, with over one hundred levels and thirty themes and characters to unlock as you progress in the title; there is also a level editor to work with your friends.

This is the trailer of the game: what do you think?

Spitlings is a new timed exclusive for Google Stadia, just like Gylt who, on a date not yet specified, should also arrive on other gaming platforms.


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