Gears 5: the PC edition of the game has been specially built, it is also aimed at 120fps

Some new Gears 5 themes come from Rod Fergusson (yes, this is the official title of the game) and, in particular, dedicated to his technical sector and his PC version.

According to the developer, in fact, the game will point to 4K and 60 fps on console, but on PC you can even get to 120 fps – of course, depending on the hardware of your computer.


“Our goal is always 60 fps and we believe, with all we have done and the lesson taken by Gears 4 and the following optimization, that we will reach exactly 60 fps and 4K” said Fergusson, talking about the game on Xbox One X.
“Taking into account that the game was built from the ground up on the PC, it means players can take advantage of all the different optimizations you can have on your PC.”


Fergusson goes even further, explaining that “you can maximize the yield. It’s still early enough, but we usually reach 120 fps. Obviously it will contain the hardware you are using, to get there, but you can increase the frame rate up to that point, if your hardware supports it. “

Source: PC Gamer

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