Game Pass also on PlayStation 5? Phil Spencer clarifies

The round table between Microsoft and Bethesda showed the first goals that the two companies have set after the recent “merger” which will bear fruit in the near future, in addition to the announcement of 20 games coming to Game Pass.

The Game Pass seems to be the keystone on which the entire strategy of the two companies will be based, given that the Xbox boss Phil Spencer has remarked that the House of Redmond has « games that exist on other platforms and we will support those games on the platforms they are on »

The 20 free games coming to Game Pass on March 12th.

Many have speculated that PS4 and PS5 players could somehow receive new games, but apparently it was a simple misunderstanding chin : Spencer’s words should be read in the opposite way, namely that the platforms on which Game Pass will not be available will not be able to enjoy certain titles.

Future Bethesda-branded games will be released on platforms where Game Pass is alive and active, as long as there are no specific contractual issues relevant to releasing these games on other platforms (via PSU ).

This, basically, is what has been assumed for several weeks: PlayStation users will not receive new Bethesda games , provided that Sony does not allow perhaps one day to authorize the Game Pass on its platforms (more likely such a thing will happen in relation to Nintendo Switch , although nothing is official about it yet).

It is also true that as many “contractual obligations” could allow MachineGames’ next Indiana Jones game to also be released on PS5, perhaps including the highly anticipated Starfield (seen that Sony aimed to make it a PlayStation temporal exclusive).

In any case, some big franchises will automatically be closed to Sony users : the future of Wolfenstein, Dishonored, DOOM, Fallout and The Elder Scrolls will probably be far from PS5, while Deathloop and Ghostwire Tokyo appear to be the last two games coming to PlayStation (including upcoming expansions and DLC for The Elder Scrolls Online ).

One thing is certain: after tonight, the video game industry – especially Xbox and Microsoft brands – may have received a small revolution that will last for many years to come.

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