Fortnite, will Season 7 see the entry of “alien” characters?

Fortnite is the phenomenon game of recent years, thanks also and above all to a truly huge (and constantly growing) community of players.

With an official merchadising that now ranges in every known sector, it is the real game that registers an incredible number of users day after day, with a mass of players who decide to spend an indecipherable amount of hours inside of the battle royale .

Now, after the latest additions from the world of Marvel and DC comics, it seems that the surprises related to the title of Epic Games did not end there.

In view of the conclusion of Season 6, which should end next June 8 , it seems that the first clues lead to think that the aliens are ready to invade the pitch.

The dataminers would have already found some very strange sounds, as well as objects that read « They’re coming», that is « They are coming», as also reported by VG247 .

But not only that: some of them would have received a top-secret DVD, inside which some really disturbing videos would be recorded, including that of a famous field crop circles .

But not only that: also another well-known dataminer in the environment, HYPEX, has revealed that in conjunction with the arrival of Season 7 some players could be literally abducted by aliens .

Players (up to a maximum of 20) could be transported from one point to another on the map, but with maximum energy and shield recharged.

Obviously, at the moment this is not yet an official confirmation of the arrival of the extraterrestrials in Fortnite , although by now it seems that Epic’s announcement is just short.

But that’s not all: have you already read that two famous characters from the Marvel Comics universe are coming to the game?

And that Fortnite is capable of grossing over three thousand euros per minute, which makes it one of the most profitable games of all time?

Fortnite has also recently invaded the universe of comics thanks to the DC crossover with Batman, which is literally selling like hot cakes in our country.

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