Forced login to, fans joke about it with a mod for Skyrim

With the launch of the classic three Doom , he talked about himself the question of forced login to the user’s account on – which was to be optional and will therefore be corrected with an update to which Bethesda is already working.

In the meantime, the issue has sparked the fantasies of fans, who have not limited themselves to vignettes on social media: one has even created a mod that, joking about it, introduces the obligatory login also in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim . Don’t do it? Then go back to the title screen.

The satirical mod is available on the site Nexus Mods and has been described by the author as  “the engaging experience of also on Skyrim.”  It was also immortalized in a joking video, which you can find below.

Setting aside incoming jokes and updates, we point out that during the London appointment with QuakeCon we got our hands on Doom Eternal : for details and our impressions, don’t miss the dedicated preview.

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