For the launch of Stray, the cat ended up on the PlayStation keyboard

It was one of the most anticipated releases of this month of July and this morning it reached the finish line: we are talking about that of Stray , the adventure video game starring an adorable unnamed cat who is killing hearts – even apart from the game itself, because everyone loves cats and it couldn’t be otherwise.

Our Domenico Musicò analyzed Stray in the video review that you find at this address, underlining the great care given by the developers in the artistic direction and in the themes, while some aspects remain certainly to be improved, in the exploration and structure of the work.

The game from this morning is available for both purchase and download at no additional cost from PlayStation Plus – being included in both the Extra and Premium tiers (you can subscribe on Amazon). To celebrate its debut, PlayStation Italia has decided to opt for a peculiar message on its social channels, where we read precisely:

“qwertyuiopè +’ 0987654321dfghjklòàù, mnbvcxz \ sdfghjklòàùmnbvcxz \ sdfghjklòàèqwertyuiopòàmnbvcxz1234567890’ì + ùàòlkjhgfdsaz \ rvsuwmnnbvcxz \ sdfghjklòàèqwertyuiopòàmnbvcxz1234567890 ‘

If you’ve never had a cat, you may be wondering what’s going on. If you have had it, it has probably happened that you ended up on your keyboard , typing something very similar to the one just sent by PlayStation Italia, which added to the dose with another tweet signed by feline.

It’s no surprise that PlayStation cares particularly about this launch, having wanted to include a day-one game on its new PlayStation Plus for the first time.

Fun initiative also by PlayStation Australia, which shot a Short for its YouTube channel starring a beautiful red cat , ready to go on an adventure. If you are a cat, you can see it at this link.

In recent days, Stray had also seen another curious promotional initiative, with the cat backpack created in partnership with the game and designed to take your favorite felines with you for a walk. Needless to say, it immediately attracted great attention.

That of Stray is not the only important issue of a hot July, in every sense: consult our release page for all the events, including the one with As Dusk Falls , in turn available from today and of which you can find the review here.

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