Final Fantasy VII Remake, will the demo have seven scenarios?

A Reddit user dug into the demo of Final Fantasy VII Remake briefly appeared on the PlayStation Store, revealing some rather interesting information.

A clip of the same demo appeared on the net which shows the first minutes of the game, complete with a menu and an introduction scene to the actual makeover of the remake.

Two .xml files found by the user speak of a demonstration version available in all languages announced, therefore complete in terms of location.

In addition, seven “scenarios” are mentioned; it is not clear whether these are levels or simply videos or images contained in the demo.

If the first hypothesis were true, namely that these seven scenarios would be levels, we would find ourselves in the hands of a much larger demo compared to that shown so far in the various videogame events such as E3 2019 and similar.

For now, the demo of Final Fantasy VII Remake does not have a date nor has it been officially confirmed, so we will have to wait for another little before you know more.

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