FIFA 19: the comic bugs between penalties, goalkeepers and Lingard-cam

Every year the players run into bugs, glitches and other bestialities in sports video games, which with a little & # 8217; of time and patience are corrected with providential updates. FIFA 19 is not far behind.
As highlighted by, in fact, some areas of the Electronic Arts football title such as goalkeepers and penalties suffer from quite obvious and even comic errors.
The penalties
In the case of penalty kicks, we testify to goalkeepers who remain still on input from the players but do not parry the central shots, something for which they would instead be scheduled.
In this tweet the goalkeeper of & # 8217; Arsenal Cech & # 8211; already in the middle of a curtain with EA Sports for her helmet & # 8211; you can see it even under the legs from a placed.

Please, just look at this penalty my goalkeeper didn & # 39; t save. 🠙 #FUTChampions
& Amp; mdash; Nick Akerman (@Nakerman) October 5, 2018

This on Reddit, however, is the most amusing of all: in a challenge on penalties, the goalkeeper is one with the ball that ends out of the green rectangle.
Instead of shooting with another penalty, the game grants a corner like a regular game.
All & amp; # 8217; base user is left to beat the corner to get the challenge resumed (however, scoring on the developments, arousing even more laughter).

The goalkeepers
The goalkeepers are not doing better, although we do not know how much is dictated by the AI, not perfect, and how much from a real bug.
Here we can see an extreme defender confused about what to do after the opponent hit the post and managed to get up to return to the action.
In indecision, the game gives him the input to plunge back to block the ball, and so, between an awkward movement and the other, the ball ends up in the net.
We have seen this scene numerous times, even in past editions, and who knows that this year is not the right time to put things in their place & # 8230;

We close with another mistake & # 8220; hilarious & # 8221; not connected to goalkeepers this time.
This player, after scoring, is seen to overshadow the overall view on the field and frames only and exclusively the player who scored the goal (Lingard of Manchester United).
The funniest thing is that the game continues on a regular basis, with the only difference that the usual wide-angle frame is replaced by an unwanted Lingard-cam.
Did you even come across similar situations? Let us hear your voice in the comments.

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