Fans are outraged by a Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth crossover costing over 300 euros

Apex Legends players are outraged by the cost of cosmetic items in the crossover event with Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, which they fear could well exceed 300 pounds (over 3oo euros at the exchange rate).\r\nThe event starts today, January 9th , to celebrate the arrival of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth next month (you can find it on pre-order on Amazon) and includes a series of themed items, skins and events.\r\nThis is the first game crossover of this type in Apex Legends and the potential cost of the items is mind-boggling for fans, as also reported by Eurogamer. \r\nOn social media, the high cost has sparked ire from the community, even though it’s based on the current cost of the packs which could actually be reduced once the event launches.\r\n\r\nIn total there are 36 items to acquire: These are randomly assigned via event packs, as explained in an EA blog post.\r\nThese packs will not contain duplicates of event items, although the chance of receiving a Mythic item, including the iconic Buster Sword, is less than 1%.\r\nA video with further details was shared on the Play Apex Instagram page. The packs will contain one event item and two standard items, meaning 36 packs will be needed to get all 36 event items.\r\nPacks usually cost 1000 Apex Coins, equivalent to £8.99 in real money, for a total of 323.64 pounds for 36 packages (equal to 376.40 euros at the exchange rate).\r\nThat said, the Instagram video shows a reduction in the price of the packages to 100 coins. As the coins are purchasable in set quantities, if the price reduction is accurate, it would cost around £30 to purchase all the items.\r\nHowever, it is unclear whether this reduction will take place and if so, for the entire event or for a short period. \r\n\r\nCharacter skins are available for separate purchase, so fans can purchase them directly instead of waiting for random drops. According to the blog post, however, the price is 2150 coins each, equal to 17.99 euros.\r\nGetting the amount of coins needed for all six skins would therefore cost 101.47 pounds.\r\nThe thing worse is that there is an incentive for all these purchases: in Apex Legends, the \

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