Dragon Ball Z Kakarot includes playable versions of Beerus, Mira

A mod allows you to access the debug menu of Dragon Ball Z Kakarot , unlocking some non-playable characters in the basic version of the title of CyberConnect2 and Bandai Namco.

As shown in the clip below by DanteKOG user, the characters “hidden” in the folds of the action RPG code include Beerus and Mira among others.

The fighters appear incomplete not so much for the aesthetic component, already refined and full of animations, but for the absence of a detailed moveset.

This would lead us to imagine that, once the work on the technical element has been completed and all the necessary moves have been implemented, this you and other fighters could come in the form of DLC.

The news would not be too surprising given that Dragon Ball Z Kakarot is equipped with Season Pass and thinking about how Bandai Namco managed the post launch support of other titles under license, most recently One Piece World Seeker.

However, at least for now, the details on the contents envisaged as part of the pass have not been revealed, although several free updates have already been scheduled.

For those who have already completed the story and want to lengthen the fun, here we have explained what it is possible to do in the game’s endgame.

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