Dr. Mario World updates (already) to version 1.0.2

Dr. Mario World is the new puzzle game available for a few hours for iOS and Android devices.

In the game, annoying viruses are wreaking havoc in the world, and it’s up to Dr. Mario and his friends to eliminate them by combining capsules with viruses of the same color.

Dr. Mario World has now been updated to version 1.0.2 : the update solves a problem related to the progress of the levels, which prevented some players from receiving rewards.

Players who have advanced to Level 2 will receive 1,000 Coins, Level 3: 4,000 Coins, Level 4: 4,000 Coins + 1 Staff Ticket, Level 5: 4,000 Coins + 2 Staff Tickets.

A few hours ago, on the pages of Gameshift.it , we also proposed our preview of the game by Matteo Bussani, explaining that “ Dr. Mario World  takes up the fresh and light soul of the smartphone puzzle world, while looking with respect to the 1990 original that many players still remember with pleasure. “

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