Doom Eternal at 60 fps on all consoles (but without HDR on the old Xbox One)

Doom Eternal will focus heavily on its frame rate: a detail he had already grasped from the statements of a few days ago relating to the game engine, now also confirmed by Billy Khan , chief programmer of id Software . In fact, on his Twitter profile, the developer has confirmed that the shooter will shoot at 60 fps on PS4, Xbox One, PS4 Pro and Xbox Series X .

In addition, he confirmed that all consoles will support HDR as well, with the exception of the old base Xbox One (not the S model, but the previous one). In addition, all console versions, as in the previous Doom of 2016, will also be able to count on a slider for the determination of the visual field (FOV) , so that you can adjust experience according to your standards.

We remind you that Doom Eternal will arrive next March 20 on the aforementioned platforms, as well as on PC. For any further information, refer to our dedicated file.

Source: Twitter

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