Do you want Chrono Trigger Remake? Square Enix listens to proposals

With the success of projects such as Final Fantasy VII Remake and Rebirth, fans of Square Enix’s sagas have long dreamed of seeing the return of video games from that era or even older, such as Chrono Trigger.\r\nThe other JRPG designed from the immortal pen of Akira Toriyama together with Dragon Quest (find the series on Amazon) is one of the beloved video game adventures of all time, and fans have long been hoping to witness the return of Chrono Trigger with great fanfare with a remake.\r\ nLo demonstrates the work of fans who have taken advantage of the most modern technologies to imagine Chrono Trigger Remake in some modes. But does this project actually make sense or will it remain in the deepest dreams of JRPG fans?\r\nYoshinori Kitase, Square Enix producer and director of the legendary SNES title, spoke about it in a recent podcast (via My Nintendo News).\ r\nTalking about Chrono Trigger in relation to the recent remakes that Square Enix has produced, Yoshinori Kitase asked the podcast host and fans what would be the best way for the development team to approach a remake of Chrono Trigger for the gaming audience video games today.\r\nAccording to Kitase there are three ways in which a potential Chrono Trigger Remake could be produced: a port, a graphical remaster or a remake on the scale of Final Fantasy VII Remake.\r\nDiscussing the possibilities came out, as a comparison, the work done by Nintendo with The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening on Nintendo Switch, and Kitase commented with a certain positivity on the aforementioned comparison.\r\nThere are certainly other projects and remakes that Square Enix will line up before a possible Chrono Trigger Remake in the world of dreams and possibilities. Among these is Final Fantasy IX Remake for example, which has been talked about more and more for a long time.

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