Detroit: Become Human does not have a photo mode for the hardware limits of PS4

The photo mode is now a fixed presence in single-player titles and PS4 has hardly ever given up when it came to its most pleasing exclusive to see.

However, Detroit: Become Human does not have it and many expected that at least after launching Quantic Dream would implement it with a dedicated patch.

As explained on Twitter by creative director David Cage, though, this will be impossible due to the hardware limitations of the console, already widely tested by Beyond’s heir.

“We have implemented a photo mode but the game uses all the memory, so it seems difficult to add more”, admitted Cage responding to a follower.

“We really pushed the console as far as possible to make the game beautiful and seamlessly loaded, which left little room for other things …”.

Considering the top-level graphic sector of the title, such a statement seems quite credible. In any case, it comes naturally to think that other games for PlayStation 4 such as God of War are not far behind, yet they have a photo mode.

What is your thinking about it?

Meanwhile, if you want to know more, take a look at our review of Detroit: Become Human.

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