Darksiders III, Fury and the Seven Deadly Sins in our video review

Our video review of Darksiders III is now available, and you can find it below with the commentary of the good Domenico â € Å“Valthielâ € Musicò.We had already told us about our impressions in the review, edited by Valthiel, and suggested some tactics in our tips to enjoy the title of Gunfire Games. Written review in which we told you how the game does not invent â € Å“nothing again and does not innovate anything, but manages to make treasure from mistakes from the past and takes the best from the cornerstones of the genre, creating an attractive game formula with few weaknessesâ €. â € Å“The solid game structure and the good rhythm will be able to capture you to the endâ €, though, â € Å“we face one of the best chapters of the seriesâ € For almost ten minutes of gameplay and a thorough judgment, start the clips in the player at the bottom. And of course, do not forget to subscribe to Gameshift’s YouTube channel so you do not miss all the updates! Related ArticlesDarksiders: the story | Part 2Darksiders III, another 6 minutes of unreleased videos taken from the game Darksiders III, the new trailer shows the Charred CouncilDarksiders III, 16 minutes of raging gameplay

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