Dancer frame rate for the MediEvil demo

Pretty dancer frame rates for the MediEvil demo. This is revealed by the first video analysis of the content, available today on PlayStation Store. In a video, the famous YouTube channel ContraNetwork passed the first steps of the adventure of Sir Daniel Fortesque under the magnifying glass of the fps.

So we see that, while the game would like to point to the stable 60 fps, there are enough fluctuating moments: in some sequences in the crypt it is held close to the lens, but in the phases of the cemetery and, above all, as soon as some enemies intervene against which in comparison, the frame rate also falls below half the expected threshold.

You can see the measurements in the video for yourself.

We’ll see if and how Other Ocean Interactive will work on it before the final release of the game, which is expected on October 25 next, exclusively on PlayStation 4.

We remind you that the game proposes the original MediEvil in modern graphics, keeping its uncontaminated contents and protagonists. For any further details on the game, we refer you to the form as usual.

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