Cyberpunk 2077, player beheads NPC at the wrong time

A Cyberpunk 2077 player decapitated an NPC at the wrong time and witnessed his misadventure on Reddit .

CD Projekt’s RPG shooter has long been center stage more for its (often funny) bugs than for the gameplay itself.

However, it would be good to remember that it is still an RPG, and one of those with a high rate of freedom when it comes to pure play.

This is how Reddit user thealmightychunko performed an action that apparently prevented him, not without a comic note, from completing a mission .

In this short video we can see what happened, with the exuberance of thealmightychunko who had perhaps untraceable damage on the outcome of the quest.

may have stuffed this one up lads… from cyberpunkgame

Armed with a sturdy hammer, the player fought with such vigor that he literally crushed his prey’s head.

However, the gamer only realized after the mission he was in charge of required him to return to his client the head of the character, a certain Gustavo Orta.

As Game Rant reports, This mission still has multiple endings and it is even possible to make Gustavo survive, but the result of the user’s actions was straightforward to his beheading.

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It is possible that the mission is still considered completed, since the client only asks to know if that character is dead or not , but this does not mean that the event itself is pretty funny.

When it comes to fun times, Cyberpunk 2077 certainly has few rivals, like when you find out how parents behave in Night City with their little ones.

Some hilarious distortions were spotted and finally corrected just a few weeks ago, as was the case with V’s sleeping posture.

Other bugs simply don’t have an explanation but they have the ability to twist the whole landscape in the Los Angeles-inspired metropolis.

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