Borderlands, the series travels on the 43 million copies in the world

After the company’s latest financial reports, Take-Two announced that the Borderlands series has totaled over 43 million copies worldwide to date.

But that’s not all: the second chapter of the saga (around 20 million copies) does not seem to have gone out of fashion, given that it is still able to register a million players a month.

Considering that the hype towards the next Borderlands 3 is very high, there is a real possibility that these numbers will rise dramatically over the next few months.

Have you already seen the intro of the third chapter of the series in any case? And that the game will last about 30 hours, going straight to the goal?

Finally, we remind you that in our preview, published a few hours ago on the pages of by our Matteo Bussani, we explained to you that “if the world had been boundaries so far those of Pandora, now the only limit seems more and more the creativity of Gearbox.The third chapter of the series keeps intact all the hinges that made him famous, starting from his irreverent verve until his shooting class-based of substance. ”

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